Justin Henry hits 9 home runs at the Power Showcase in Miami, FL in support of Tend to a Friend in December 2016

John Langenfeld wins the Angels Among Us Award in November 2016 

Co-Presidents of Rutgers Prep's Tend to a Friend Club awarded 2015 Angels Among Us Award

About Tend To A Friend

Dylan Ritter works with his younger brother Travis.

Today in a world where everything is moving a hundred miles a  minute, we all need a break. However, for parents raising a child with special needs, this is even more true. Due to cuts in government  spending many services previously available to families raising children with disabilities have been eliminated or significantly reduced, while access to appropriate care is difficult and expensive.


These parents are working tirelessly every day to improve the lives of their children and NEVER truly get a break. The divorce rate among parents of a child with special needs is over 84%, while siblings’ activities are often impacted and can result in resentment creating greater difficulties within  the home.

Tend To A Friend was started by the Ritter family whose son Travis has autism and a rare genetic disorder - dup15q syndrome.  Their hope is that this program will provide parents raising a child with special needs some respite in an otherwise chaotic and challenging world.

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