Justin Henry hits 9 home runs at the Power Showcase in Miami, FL in support of Tend to a Friend in December 2016

John Langenfeld wins the Angels Among Us Award in November 2016 

Co-Presidents of Rutgers Prep's Tend to a Friend Club awarded 2015 Angels Among Us Award

How It Works




Tend to a Friend is committed to ensuring that families raising children with special needs have the opportunity to access respite services.






  • We will offer respite one Friday evening a month during the school year for three hours allowing parents to have a relaxing night out.
  • We will ensure that appropriate staff are available to support the children through our collaboration with The Arc of Somerset County.
  • Children with special needs will be in a safe, welcoming, and fun environment and enjoy organized activities.
  • Siblings will also be able to participate in age appropriate activities at the same venue.
  • Rutgers Prep high school students will have the opportunity to interact with and impact the lives of these children.
  • The children participating in Kids’ Night Out will have the opportunity to impact the lives of Rutgers Prep students.


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