Justin Henry hits 9 home runs at the Power Showcase in Miami, FL in support of Tend to a Friend in December 2016

John Langenfeld wins the Angels Among Us Award in November 2016 

Co-Presidents of Rutgers Prep's Tend to a Friend Club awarded 2015 Angels Among Us Award


Of all of the many wonderful events that have occurred this year, Kids’ Night Out is one of the most exciting and gratifying. Thank you for including us in this brilliant opportunity.”


Dr. Steven Loy,

Headmaster Rutgers Preparatory School

“Tend To a Friend is a charity that the Ritter family started to create an opportunity for their son Travis and other boys and girls with developmental disabilities to have a fun night out every few weeks. Rutgers Prep has embraced their program with open arms, and it has been a joy to watch how much love and warmth has spread to families in our area.  Many of our boys and girls at Rutgers Prep partner up with the young children coming to the program to make sure that everyone has attention and a good time. Everyone helping out had them laughing and smiling, and I was immediately struck by how comfortable families were leaving us with their kids for a few hours.  Everyone is treated at Tend To a Friend like a friend, and it is a chance for these young people and their loved ones to experience some of the normal and wonderful experiences that everyone should have when they are growing up.  For a few hours these kids get to sing and dance, shoot hoops, socialize and be creative.

I could not be more effusive in my praise for the program that the Ritter family started, the way the Rutgers Prep community has supported them or the joy that they can bring into so many people’s lives that are learning how to make the best out of a tough situation.”

Geoff Loose, History Department

Rutgers Preparatory School

“This valuable service embraces the RPS core values of Perseverance, Respect, Empathy and Personal Integrity (PREP) and makes every student who participates a better citizen of the world.”

Tara Klipstein, Director of Admission, and Rutgers Prep Liaison to TTAF


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