Justin Henry hits 9 home runs at the Power Showcase in Miami, FL in support of Tend to a Friend in December 2016

John Langenfeld wins the Angels Among Us Award in November 2016 

Co-Presidents of Rutgers Prep's Tend to a Friend Club awarded 2015 Angels Among Us Award

What Parents Are Saying


“Kids’ Night Out and the staff offering this invaluable service have changed our lives. We are the parents of a special needs child on the autism spectrum and there are few, if any, other such services available. Through this program, our 10-year-old son and his otherwise neurotypical younger brother have the unique opportunity to take a few hours one Friday each month to gather and socialize with others sharing similar situations and life challenges. During the few hours together they don't focus on their challenges; they just enjoy being who they are! Meanwhile, parents like us have the chance to decompress and enjoy some much needed "me" time while knowing we have left our loved ones in such trusted and capable hands. Every time we drop our boys off, we count our blessings to have such a service available. And every time we pick them up at the end of the night, we mark our calendars for the next Kids’ Night Out.”


                                     Ted & Kelly, parents of Luke & Aidan


“You are a precious gift to mankind! I am filled with joy for the work that you have done through this year with my children, especially with Justin. At times, we expect these services from those with whom we share the same bloodline, even then it’s appreciated. When it is done by people who selflessly care, who undeniably love, it is doubly appreciated. I appreciate the way you make Justin feel like he has this world at his footstool and everyone is at his service for those priceless hours! I believe these experiences will be eternally stored in his memory! Thank you very much! God Bless!”

   Eveno Manasse, Father of Justin

“The partnership between Rutgers Prep and Tend to a Friend is something that we can all be proud of.   The RPS students know they are making a difference, while practicing our PREP core values.  We talk about how special the RPS community is, and this is certainly an example of what we can contribute and what we can accomplish when we work together. When I watch the faces of our students, I see how happy they are being part of this program.  I sincerely hope Tend to a Friend continues to thrive for years to come.” 

John Miller,

Father of RPS volunteers:

Diego (2014) and Andreas (2016)


“The joy and appreciation for the environment that you and your team provided…to play, run and have fun, as parents - we were freed for that moment to venture...Priceless!”                         

                              Father of 7-year old

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